Wouldn't it be great to find
experienced people you could trust
with your design & branding projects?

You just have.

My name is Brent Flink and this is my company, Indivisual Design. I have a passion to help smaller companies compete with “the big guys”. I know my way around a marketing strategy and understand how to position companies to succeed.

• Frustrated at your printer's efforts to create a great brochure?
• Have you found that the website you built in-house just isn't working?
• Or found that the ad they “threw in for nothing” at the newspaper was worth exactly that —nothing?

Then it's time we talked.

Put my experience to work for you. For the past 20 years I've developed marketing materials for both local and national clients (a few mom-n-pop businesses too). My background as an advertising art director, coupled with my design and production abilities means that your marketing dollar goes farther. How? You get effective ideas. Not just ideas that'll look nice; ideas that are driven by real marketing goals.

Ever dealt with an “Accredited Graphic Designer?”
Did you know that of the thousands of web designers in BC , only 60 of us are actually accredited professional designers? That's right. Only 60.

What does that mean for you?

In the same way that a CGA or CMA designation assures you of hiring a quality accountant, the MGDC designation assures you of hiring excellence in design. As a Professional Member of the Graphic Designers of Canada, my work is reviewed by the GDC Design Review Board and judged for effective strategy, use of typography, imagery, implementation and presentation.

And all members of the GDC are required to subscribe to the GDC Code of Ethics. Meaning we have a responsibility to conduct our professional practice in a manner that respects the organization & the profession, clients and employers, society and the environment.

It's good news for your business!

Small is beautiful.
At Indivisual is essentially me. — One person. (my wife does help with administrative stuff). But before you think about clicking somewhere else consider this...

Unless you're a very large client, many design studios and ad agencies will assign your project to a junior team.

Sure. You may meet with the senior staff for the pitch and maybe a few key meetings, but once you've signed on the dotted line, the reality can be quite different. Your firm's critical project may be assigned to someone with as little as 3 years experience!

Is that what you had in mind when you hired them?

Indivisual is different.
You deal with the owner, the Creative Director, and the guy who's butt is on the line. I want your success. I have selfish motives; I want your business to grow so I can get more of it. Your success is critical to my success. — And I promise to always remember that.

Since nobody can be an expert at everything we've sourced experts in the fields our clients need most. Award-winning writers, illustrators, photographers, directors, studios, and scores of technically minded programmers, coders and multimedia designers.

The right people on the job always makes your job easier...

The result?
You get the benefit of working with senior talent without paying their rent. I think you'll agree, it's the recipe for excellent work at competitive prices.